Technical assistance

Technical and CNC Assistance Services

BESAT warrants the installation, maintenance and servicing of the brands it represents, and also provides assistance and maintenance multi-brand.

We rely with specialized technicians in constant training in order to provide an integrated and professional service.

We have technical means of diagnostic for electronic, electrical and mechanical repair, capable of rapid detection of anomalies.

We also provide telephonic support service in order to quickly solve small problems.

We respond to any emergency in the shortest amount of time.

Services          Industries

Purchase and Sale of CNC equipment and Industrial parts.
Technical Assistance, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics.
Electronic repairs, Power supply units, Regulators and Digital controls.
• Data transmission networks and Communication.
Preventive and Corrective maintenance.
Hydraulics and Pneumatics.
Geometric and Compensation Adjustments.
Numeric and Interface Control.
 Installation of New and Used equipments.
• Training.

Mould Makers
Manufacturers of Tools and Dies.
• Precision Mechanics.
Auto parts Manufacturers.
Mechanical Engineering.

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